Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Little Love is leaving the country in less than three weeks and I still don't know her exact transport date.  This is driving me absolutely nuts.  Unfortunately this is how it goes in the European horse transportation world.  They can give me a ballpark date (read: which week it will be), but neither the German transport guy nor the Finnish guy can tell me exactly when my horse will be traveling until about a week before the actual travel date. 


This makes planning a living nightmare.  Not only do I have no idea when I should call the vet out to do the paperwork which can only be done less than 48 hours before the travel, but I can't plan my own departure.  I also have to be on standby for taking Little Love to the French border in the trailer.  Luckily I have the trailer and looks like I have several people who are willing to take me there, for free or for x amount of money.  Depending on the day, of course.  And then there is the matter of making sure we cross the border at a certain time so the French vet can take a look at the horse and the papers.... did I mention that while I might sort of speak French, reading and writing official documents is not exactly a walk in the park. 


This, of course, is all on top of packing our house, my son's school ending, finalizing things in Switzerland such as ending all contracts with cell phone, home phones, tv, insurance.  Not to mention buying a house in Finland and whatever else you can think of when moving from country to country.  In the end, I'm sure it will all work out, but at the moment I feel like I know exactly what being in limbo feels like.  I don't recommend this to anyone.  Sigh.  Once I know what day Little Love leaves, so many other things will fall in place, too.  Then, when the ball starts rolling, I just have to figure out how to hold on to the little Zen that is left to get me through to the other side.


  1. Hurry up and wait- my least favorite thing ever. Hang in there, it'll work out in the end.

  2. Breathe in, breathe out... We're all here sending you calming, peaceful thoughts, knowing this will all fall into place.

  3. That DOES sound like a headache. All you can do is try to focus on taking one. step. at. a. time.

    Lilo has already endured a lot in her life and I feel she is a tough horse. I think she will handle the journey o.k. ...and she knows you will be there for her on the other side (no doubt in my mind on that one).

    I don't know what the transport vans look like where you are at, but the ones I've seen here in the US are HUGE...with a lot of creature comforts for the horses. You have done a great job getting her used to the smaller trailer at home. I have a feeling that the larger transport van will be a lot less stressful and she will travel just fine...

    I am thinking of you and your family and Lilo everyday getting ready for your move....and sending you all my good wishes, huggs, and hopes for a safe trip!