Friday, June 10, 2011

I have been away for a few days, but it feels like it has been weeks.  My husband and I flew to Finland to look for a house.  How ironic that I have a place for Little Love when we move, but have no clue where my family will be living! (my priorities are straight, alright haha)  But hopefully that all will change soon. 

I talked to Becky tonight and she told me that Little Love was doing great.  Apparently she has been letting Becky rub her face.   When I first met Little Love, she hated the human touch.  She tried to bite and kick when someone brushed her and had to be cross tied for tacking up.  Toucing the face was completely off limits, with the ears being especially sensitive.  This was five years ago.  Now I can touch her ears and she actually likes it when I rub her face, but not always.  I am always very conscious about her likes and dislikes - if she is having a "no touching" day, then there is no touching (this means also no brushing sometimes).  But for her to let Becky rub her face, that's huge!

Last week something happened with the lady who helps Becky muck her stall.  Apparently she had been putting the fly sheet on Little Love and when she ducked under her neck to go to the other side, Little Love smacked her head down at the same time.  Her tooth managed to cut the lady's scalp, which blead quite a bit according to Becky's husband.  I haven't talked to the lady since so I don't know exactly what happened, but there are two viable options.  The first one that came to mind was that she was irritated by the flies and happened to be going after one right when the lady ducked.  This resulted in tooth colliding with head.  The other option would be that this woman's presence was somehow higly irritating and because she didn't respect Little Love's boundaries, Little Love had to make it a bit more clear.  She is highly protective of her chest area. 

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