Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick note

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here and didn't fall off the face of the earth... I am in Finland learning more about horse hooves.  This weekend my friend and I organized a hoof seminar with Claudia Garner from the US and there will be a three day trimming course starting tomorrow.  I will be participating in the trimming and can't wait to get started.  I truly hope I am super talented at trimming so that I can learn how to do at least a basic trim during this course. :-) Someone has to start helping Little Love!  I will keep you posted of my progress...


  1. For trimming your own horse, you've got all the needed knowledge already. All you need is some training so you'll get the courage to start doing it!

    Thank you for this seminar, it was excellent!

  2. Good luck and kudos to you for your continued efforts to do the very best for your dear friend, Little Love. Do keep us all posted as to how the seminar went, what you learned, how it was, etc.

  3. You can do it!
    I trimmed Grif for quite awhile when I couldn't find someone that wouldn't make him sore.

    I mostly read books and watched other trimmers. I sure wish I would have had a seminar to go to. I can't wait to hear how things went :)