Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 91

Col cracks me up when I bring the horses in from the field.  He will patiently watch when I put the halter on Little Love and stands by as Lilo and I walk away.  Then, as if he couldn't care less, he puts his head down and nibbles on a blade of grass.  In the beginning, Little Love used to stop half way up the field, but now she knows and continues walking, waiting.  And like clock work it happens every time - just when we are about to turn the corner to go into the smaller field, Col raises his head, picks up a canter and charges past us with his tail in the air.  Then he stops again, as if he hadn't just cantered uphill with all his might, and starts nibbling on grass.  Until, of course, we turn the next corner and go out the gate, which is when he repeats the above maneuver.   In the beginning this used to freak Little Love out and she would want to join him in this exercise, but now she just sighs and watches him go by.   If she were human I swear she would be rolling her eyes. :-)


  1. Aww, I love little personality quirks like that. They make life interesting :)