Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 94 Trailer loading

Today Little Love walked half way INTO the trailer.  I was floored.  We have been practicing very patiently, I have literally had no other goal than to get her front feet on the loading ramp each time.  She has gotten very comfortable with this, but there has been no sign of her ever going further.  Today, when I walked her to the trailer, she climbed onto the ramp with all four.  I was so happy that I started laughing out loud! 

We stood there for a while (she wasn't entirely relaxed, but alright) and then backed off.  Little Love had a little grass and then we went for it again.  This time she walked all the way up the ramp and had her feet inside.  Amazing.  She was a bit tense, but she stood still for a good 10 seconds before deciding to back up.  Of course, I was so overjoyed that I wanted to keep trying.  Becky and the barn worker were there and of course became helpful, offering to open the front and to bring Col to help etc.  It is so easy to get carried away, isn't it!  I was tempted to keep pushing it and try further, but after one more try, Little Love became flustered and resistant.  I realized I should be happy with this huge achievement and leave it at that.  Which I did.  

Ideally, I would like to work on the trailer loading at least 3 times a week.  Our car has a hitch set up, but because it was made in the US, it is a bit different than the European models.  My husband has to locate the "ball" so we can see if it fits this trailer.  I really would like to practice on my own also when Becky is gone.  Our car is not powerful enough to haul a horse, but it can hold the trailer steady when we load. 

But this gave me such hope, I just have to be patient.  And I really need to STOP after two tries.  Period. 


  1. Might be also difficult not to expect this good results next time :)

  2. Little Love is such abrave soul! That's huge! You got the message from her that it was enough, and you listened. Good, for both of you.

  3. You really don't need to hook it to the car for it to be stable. A good sturdy stump under the hitch and some bricks under the ramp edge and it's sturdy enough for LL to do the jig on if she wants!