Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 143 Another step in trailer loading

Today it was raining when I got to the barn.  Tuesday's are tough in general, because I coach children's gymnastics in the afternoon and don't have much time to be with Lilo.  So, that in mind, I really just wanted to make sure I could muck and prep the feed for Becky's husband (Becky is off on another business trip and won't be back until next week some time).  If there was time for something else, it would be a bonus. 

Turned out I had some extra time so I hooked up the trailer and brought the very eager Little Love out to the back.  She was so happy to see the trailer open!  In fact, she is starting to be frantic about going into the damn thing, I can barely hold her back.  Makes me think we aren't feeding her enough! (there is food in the trailer for her, every single time).  Although I think it is more about what we usually feed her and what she gets when she goes into the trailer.  I'm not a big fan of processed and bagged horse feed, it's not that healthy for horses for several reasons, but mainly because the grains have been heated up (that's the processing).  Horses should not be eating "cooked" food.  Anyways.  She loves it.  It has molasses in it, what can I say.  And that is what she gets in the trailer - a true, unhealthy treat. :-)

So, she ran into the trailer again today.  This time I closed the back bar AND lifted the whole ramp up.  This is the first time I have actually shut any part of the trailer completely.  I left the front wide open, giving her the option of walking out at any moment.  She definitely noticed the ramp closing, she yanked her head up and the whites of her eyes were flashing.  Then her nostrils started flaring from the quickened breathing and she turned her head back to see what was behind her.  At the moment Col walked out of the barn and stood solemnly watching her as she stood in the trailer.  I swear he was there to support her, I got a very strong feeling of that when I watched the two.  Little Love settled down and ate her grain.  I can't say she was comfortable, but she wasn't freaked out.  And by the time she walked out, she was completely calm.   


  1. There's so much we will never know in the way horses think but it is clear Col communicated something to Lilltel Love. The amazing part is, you were there to see it and you DID see it. I can't believe Little Love is absolutely impatient to get in the trailer now, who would have thought?!

  2. I can tell you I certainly NEVER thought she would be begging to get inside a trailer. I still don't believe it even though I've seen it so many times!