Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back home

It feels like I have been gone forever, even thought it was only five days.  Had an amazing trip topped with brilliant insight via Bramble and Jack, the two horses I had the privilege to work with at the Epona course.  I'll have to make an attempt of explain it all in my other blog, once I get my thoughts together.  I (re)-discovered so many important things not only about myself, but about the horses, too.  They know so much more about life than we will ever know.  I realize that somewhere along the way between trying to heal Little Love's feet and freaking out about her skin condition, I started focusing too much on the "doing" part of our relationship, instead of slowing down and just "being".  It's not surprising, since I am definitely a "doer"; it is the slowing down that does not come so easily to me.  I intend to change that.  So what if I don't walk her every day, so what if I don't soak her feet - sometimes just being there and listening is more important.  There is so much she can teach me and tell me and help me with. I can't wait to see her tomorrow.


  1. I had the exact same reminder in Noora's clinic last weekend. Too much pressure about taking good care of my horses makes me too stressed to really slow down and be with them in their timeless world.

  2. Can't wait to hear about your experience! I think we are drawn to horses to experience their magic. Unfortunatlely, we don't always stop to see it, and that is the lesson, no? Stop, watch, and breathe. What a blessed lesson.