Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pictures of right hind foot

I talked to Claudia about the hematoma and she said: "Hematoma in the frog from trimming? I don’t think so. There may be some bruising, but it is hardly from the last trimmer." 
She didn't see anything in the picture and neither do I.  However, something is going on with that foot because Little Love is definitely walking carefully on it.  There are times when she sort of stumbles from the sudden pain she feels in the foot (not every step, but just sometimes on hard ground).

On the left is the "before" picture of the sole of the right hind, on the right is the "after" pictures.  I'm sorry, I don't know why they downloaded sideways, I couldn't figure out how to change that (if someone knows how to fix it, let me know)

This trimmer doesn't seem to believe in trimming the bars much, although in this particular foot she did more than in others.  The frog of this foot was quite high before the trim and she trimmed it down.  Perhaps this is causing the soreness? 

Here is the hoof from the side.  This is definitely her "best looking" hoof of all her hooves.  She doesn't have enough toe height and that is her problem all around.  Probably another reason why she is sore.  Hopefully those boots will arrive in the mail SOON!


  1. In the profile picture, you can see where the angle starts to "flare", about an inch or so down from the coronet band. That means there is not a good tight connection between the wall and the inner structures. Good trimming will eliminate that, and hopefully the whole hoof will eventually be at the good angle shown at the very top.

    Taking the frog down so far could cause temporary ouchiness. I wouldn't have taken it down quite so much.

    Breakover is still too far forward. Breakover should be 1/4" ahead of the tip of the coffin bone, and the CB is reliably located about 1.75" ahead of the widest part of the foot (which is where the bars terminate in the frog commissures, or 1" back from the true apex of the frog, or visually the widest part - or 2 out of 3 of these indicators if all 3 don't agree).

    I'd bring the breakover back a bit, and I wouldn't worry about toe height - it looks to me like she has plenty - she certainly has too much toe longitudinally. Bringing breakover back (will take stress off those toe laminae and hopefully ease the flaring.

    I can't remember - did she have soreness issues before the first trimmer made her so sore?

  2. I agree with June, that toe is still a little too long (make sure when you bring that toe back that you don't make the hinds round) and personally I wouldn't have touched that frog at all. It looked quite healthy to me.

    I wonder if the trimmer was thrown by the color change in the frog. Usually if a frog is thrushy it will turn grey, but her dark spot looks more black than grey- like it might be a spot of pigment and not disease. Keep an eye on it just in case, if the central cleft starts to grow deeper you'll know she has thrush.

    Something is going on with her soles. She might actually have bar material that's grown over the sole material, choking it out. That would make her sore.

  3. I want to add something about toe height- if the hoof has nice concavity you shouldn't be worried about toe height. Concavity and adequate sole will actually push the coffin bone upwards which will shorten the toes. Healthy, wild hooves are really quite short.

    We get so used to seeing unnaturally long toes in shoes that healthy, short toes look wrong.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I agree about the toe being too long, and this is the "good foot", it's even longer in the front feet. Little Love's fronts are really flat, no concavity whatsoever... but the hinds are better in that respect.
    I think you might be right about the coloring of the frog Smazourek! The trimmer kept saying that she has thrush, but I'm not sure I agree with her, at least not on this foot.
    By the way, she recommended tea tree oil for the trush and also a natural soap called Savon d'Alep (savon is soap in French). I looked it up on the internet and apparently it is used for humans in cases like psoriasis and other skin issues with great success... anyone know anything about it? Any comments on the tea tree oil?

  5. I know it's naturally antiseptic but I haven't used it myself.