Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 69

Today was sunny and my horse was completely different than yesterday.  What can I say, except that sometimes it is really the small things like the weather that make a difference. 

Becky was back home and we decided to go out together with the horses.  Becky never goes for just a walk, she always wants to at least trot (and perhaps canter) to make sure Col gets enough exercise so she wasn't sure about us going together as I was not riding.  I told her that trotting was fine since I didn't mind running with Little Love.  She looked at me a bit funny and I can't blame her LOL.  We went for an hour, which was more than what Little Love has been doing.  Becky was worried about Col getting excited so she wanted to trot uphill only.  Yikes.  It's good I'm in good shape, but I had already done a run in the morning so needless to say I was feeling it in my legs.  But so was Little Love, the last hill was a bit steep and she opted to walk half way up.  Which was fine with me, I was panting like a dog at that point.  Becky must think I'm completely out of my mind!  Which perhaps I am? :-)  One of my favorite quotes is: "Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting." - John Russell.   In any case, we had fun and it was great trail ride/walk.  We'll see how Little Love is doing tomorrow after all that exercise.

Tomorrow Becky wants to load Col in the trailer for practice since she has a jumping lesson at another barn on Tuesday.  I might work with Little Love and the trailer as well.  I would prefer to park it in the arena and let her work on it at liberty, but it might be hard to get the trailer down there, because of the way the little entryway twists and turns.  I'll have to go with the flow and see what Little Love thinks of the trailer.  Perhaps she will want to walk through it after Col, who knows.  I'm trying to have no expectations, whatsoever.  Emphasis on the word trying... 

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