Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 79

I went to the barn in the morning to see how Little Love was doing after her trim and the night in the stall.  Not bad.  She had the boots on her fronts overnight and I think it had helped her.  Her hinds were a bit sore, especially the right one where the trimmer had mentioned she had a hematoma in the frog... 

I took her out, soaked her fronts for 20 minutes and then walked her in the arena for 30 minutes.  She was definitely a bit tender on the hard ground, but walking fairly normally in the soft arena.  We have had some dry weather, but luckily the "rain gods" were on my side this time and it had rained overnight.  Which meant the pasture was at least a bit softer than before.  I decided to take the boots off for the day in the pasture because she doesn't have greatest traction with the boots when its muddy.  I think it was the right decision; she walked down the hill fine and picked up a slightly off trot (the right hind) when she got onto the flatter ground. 


  1. Can you post a picture of that frog hematoma? I don't think I've heard of that before.

  2. Yes, I'd like to see that too.