Friday, July 8, 2011


First of all:  THANK YOU everyone who has been following Little Love's plight from Switzerland to Finland - you support is priceless.  Thank you also to those who have taken the time to comment.  It is so true what you all said on Wednesday, that I need to a) let go a bit (hard for a control freak like myself)  b) remember Little Love will forgive me for all this  c) take a deep breath and just wait (and know that she will be okay) 

I can't help my obsessive nature thought.  Last night I woke up at 3 am and couldn't stop thinking about Little Love.  This is really not helpful at all, since at night everything seems worse than it really is.  You start feeling like there is no hope. I just have to remember that this will all be over at some point; Little Love has to make it here one way or another.  Even if that means I need to get a car and trailer and go get her myself (I already looked into ferry tickets, but the problem is that as we are in prime holiday season, getting a car and trailer on a boat at short notice is nearly impossible...) Although, it looks like perhaps that won't be necessary.

Disheartened by the email of the Finnish transport guy, I wrote him back yesterday.  I didn't want to rant at him too much, in case he got pissed off and decided it wasn't worth it dealing with my horse (or me) anymore, but I did write a fairly stern email.  He answered me back with a one liner: "The horse will be picked up on Monday and arrive in Finland on Wednesday."

So, my hopes are up again, but with some caution.  I'm not sure how far I can trust this message, but I have to hang onto something.  Perhaps he will deliver this time.  I have to say it's actually the first time he is giving me a exact day instead of saying something like "we'll pick her up maybe around Tuesday or Wednesday".  So, does this mean Little Love will be here in five days?  I won't believe it until I see it... but wouldn't that just be wonderful??!!!  Crossing my finger...


  1. Sounds like you hit the right note of reasonable sternness with Mr. Transporter!

  2. Good to hear you got a hold of the transport fellow, now we all cross our fingers with you, K! You're right, this will be over sooner than later, you're doing a really great job of holding it together.... even if you think you're not! You've come so far with Little Love, consistently been there and shown her you're a trusted comrade. She KNOWS this of you. I've been thinking of her myself, sending her patience and calmness, the understanding that you'll be back is something she's got 100%!

  3. I hope everything works out the way it's planned. I have been thinking about you both a lot the past few days!

  4. Crossing finger ? All of them actually, and toes ! you're nearly there my friend,and you're doing better and better it seems :-) Little Love KNOWS it is only temporary. She's used of waiting for the better, except that this time, she knows it's coming ! I hope your family and house keep you busy enough to make time go by quicker ! Take care

  5. This transportation guy knows he has already disappointed you once (not good for business) if he is worth his salt as a decent horse transporter - he will not do it again.

    Have faith that Little Love will be with you on Wednesday in good health and happy to see you!

    Each day is one day closer and before you know it, she will be there!

    Is everything ready for her at her new barn?....maybe you should pay it a visit and make sure it is :-)

    .....just a few more days.....hang in there!! :-)

    Grif and I are sending many hugs your way!!