Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7

I can't believe it has been a week.  Although, on the other hand, it seems as if this week was the longest week of my life!  So many things have happened and both Little Love and I have gone through so many emotions, I have lost count.  

Today we went out on the trails again with Becky and Col, but this time we took a new route, to the right of the barn.  I noticed already on Friday what a different these rides out make, it really seems like Little Love is "investigating" the area and making a mental map of it all.  This time she took the lead several times (something she usually is very reluctant to do) and instead of being afraid of new things, looked at them with interest.  Col was really sticky and hesitant at times, which made Becky a tad frustrated, as he was the one who knew the trails (and she expected him to go smoothly...).   And when Col stops to think, Little Love stops, too.  Becky's approach to these situations is different than mine, she feels that Col should listen to her.  I try to listen to Little Love.  I don't ever really ask her to go forward, I sort of just wait to see what happens.  If she feels okay about it, she will make the initiative and walk forward eventually. Although often Lilo tells me to come off.  When I'm on the ground, she usually doesn't hesitate to follow.  I have rope reins that clip off easily and give Lilo the space she needs. I actually spent a lot of time on foot today and enjoyed it a lot, it is what I prefer in the long run as I'm not so keen on riding.  The area has a lot of hills, so I think we are both going to get in pretty good shape walking up and down those steep slopes together!

After our ride, Becky and I worked on resurrecting the outdoor arena from underneath the weeds and other gunk.  This property used to be a horse property, but that was years and years ago, and you can tell it has been a while by looking at the arena.  Becky is planning to re-do the footing later in the spring so she can ride in it, but for now I'm happy as all I really needed was a flat space where Little Love and I can "hang out" and play together when she is ready for that.  


  1. You've received the Stylish Blogger Award! Swing by my blog to check it out.

  2. Hi K,
    I have been avidly following this early journey of you and Little Love. What you have done for your dear friend is remarkable, it sounds like Lilo is thriving already, she knows she is safe with you. How wonderful that you two go on nice trail explorations, together seeing what surrounds you. I already can't wait to read what's next! What a blessing this is for both of you...