Friday, December 23, 2011

Weather woes continue

Our weather was colder still this morning, although now it is getting warmer again this afternoon - go figure. So we had to go without the back boots again due to the hill and slippery roads. But the front boots with their spikes (is that the right word?) are awesome!! And Little Love seemed to be ok without the back boots now when I was not on her back at all.

Lilo seemed a bit stiff when I took her out of her stall this morning, but moved fine once we got going. It was so hard and frozen yesterday in the paddock, I'm guessing she didn't move much and probably very tensely when she did. Today the horses went in pairs to the smaller paddocks, and Little Love was so reluctant to move on the hard, uneven ground that we decided with the barn owner to leave her old front boots on in the paddock as well. She was happily eating hay when I left, but I hope she doesn't stand in that one spot all afternoon.

Today we did a good one-hour walk and a few long stretches of trot. Lilo did a slower trot, so I think her feet were a bit tender, but she seemed happy to be moving. So I gave her the freedom to decide when to trot and when to stop.

I've been nervous about taking care of Little Love by myself for over two weeks - scared that I would not be able to do a good enough job. I've never owned a horse myself, so I have always been more of a backup person carrying out the necessary regimen rather than primarily responsible for the regimen. And it seems, in Finland, we have to deal with some extra concerns due to our weather. I grew up in Oklahoma, and there a horse will literally survive physically if you just turn it out in a field somewhere - and many people do just that! ( I used to think this was horrible neglect, but maybe those horses are the happiest?)

But anyway, the point I want to make is how much I am enjoying spending this extra time with Little Love. And I have learned so much more than I ever knew about what horses need physically and emotionally. I continue to be amazed by what a horse can really be, and I love working on my relationship with her! I think her trust in me is growing, although it is still nowhere near what she has with K. Sometimes I feel bad about this, but on the other hand, how can I expect her to trust someone she has really only known a few months as much as someone she has known for a few years? I wouldn't completely trust someone that quickly either! But no matter, it is so fun to learn about trust with horses and how important it is in what they are willing to do (and where they are willing to go) with you.

-- Melissa


  1. Hi Melissa,
    I know you'll be just fine with Little Love by yourself...There's so much that horses pick up from us and know, all the subtleties we aren't aware of in our body language and our heart rhythms. Trust is something we are willing to give in order to receive, and I really think Lilo knows this as well of you. After all, you are one of K's people and she has tons of positive emotion directed at you, and trusts you. This is not lost on Lilo, you are trustworthy by proxy, yes? Have a wonderful time getting to know Little Love in a different way during these two weeks, it will be a special bonding experience that's just for you and her! :)

  2. I agree with Shelby, Lilo knows you are trustworthy! Also, I think our relationships with Lilo will always be different, aren't we two different people to start with? I can never have what you two have, because Lilo and I have something of our own - and vice versa. I really think this time you have together with Lilo (without me) will take your relationship so much further. And it will help you relax in her company and not think so much if you are doing the right thing (you are, bu instict and Lilo's guidance). Trust yourself and she will follow.
    Love and hugs to both of you, I can't tell you how much I miss you both already, how am I going to survive two more weeks!?? Yikes.

  3. Merry Christmas to all in freezie Finland!

  4. Sorry I haven't gotten around to responding before, but I wanted to say thanks to K and Shelby for the supportive comments! :-)