Saturday, August 6, 2011

Out of the woods?

The leg was still quite swollen this morning.  It was not, however, much worse than last night.  Which gave me hope.  After all, Little Love had been standing in a stall all night so swelling was expected under the circumstances.  The leg also didn't appear to be as hot.  I managed to run water over the leg for 15 minutes.  I did it outside, because that's where Lilo was the calmest and most accepting to the hose and water.   I walked her around the barn area for a while, but then put her back into the paddock.  She immediately went to the water source for a drink, something she likes to do when I put her back into the herd.  Metku, who had obviously missed her, joined her at the water buckets.  It was funny to watch the two of them together, trying to choose which bucket they would drink out of; they seem fairly comfortable with each other as you can see from the two pics I took with my phone...

I returned in the evening to discover that a lot of the swelling on the leg had gone down; I could feel the tendon.  Yay!  I ran cold water over the leg again for 20 minutes and then let Lilo graze while we waited for Manta and her owner to get ready for a walk.  We walked for 45 minutes and the entire time Little Love was walking really energetically in the front, as if she was on a mission to exercise herself.  It could be that she was also really annoyed by the few little knats that had braved the rainy weather and were trailing behind her.  She really hates bugs and sometimes even one single bug is enough to get her irritated.

When we got back to the barn, the leg was nearly normal looking.  I still added some anti-inflammatory drugs to her evening and morning feed.  I'm going to the barn again tomorrow morning, so I can check the progress, but I'm hoping we are out of the woods and I won't be calling the vet first thing Monday morning! 


  1. Sounds like Lilo is on the mend... The pics are great of Lilo and Metku. They seem to be really comfortable with each other. Sweet.

  2. So glad your girl is feeling better. Those two are adorable together :)