Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 42 Progress!

Little Love wore the boots and the wraps through the night and in the morning Becky reported via text message that she left them on for pasture as well, since Little Love was walking much better with the boots on even in the pasture.  By the time I got there, she had had them on for about 22 hours straight and was going strong.  I was happy to see that the pastern wraps had done their job and a) the boots were still on the way they were supposed to be on and b) no rubbing. 

After soaking (which also went much better than yesterday, Little Love didn't move at all and she was loose, so she can always choose to leave) we walked to the arena and continued walking for over twenty minutes.  What yesterday had been slow and painful seemed to be a breeze today, no problem.  Instead of dragging her feet and slowly crawling around the arena, Little Love was her alert and (almost) energetic self.  She also stopped only three times to ask if we were done yet!  Oh how good it felt to have her back again, looking at every bird that flew by, listening to the sounds coming from behind the bushes, even spooking at a car that drove by pulling an empty trailer that rattled as it hit the potholes in the road.  Yes, this is the horse I know! 

When she walked next to me, she kept touching my arm with her nose every so often, like she used to do before she was mine and we would walk on the trails.  She has such a gentle way of being with people, if you give her the space she needs.  This touch in particular is an interesting gesture.  It is almost as if she is checking that I am still there, with her. 

Yes Little Love, I'm still here and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere without you. 


  1. I love it when they do that arm touch!

  2. Yippee, her feet feel better! *Jumps up and down, clapping hands*

  3. Yippee!! Brought tears to my eyes, your last comments... she is checking in with you. She's also letting YOU know she is there for you too... sweet girl. Like smazourek said... I'm jumping up and down, clapping my hands too!

  4. Hahah, thank you guys, you made me smile - as I'm jumping up and down from joy :D